Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hello, Jo here again this month! I will apologise in advance for the number of wedding related posts you are going to see from me in the coming months.  My little brother finally tied the knot in December and I was lucky enough to be asked to do the little things that add to a special day like the invitations, wishing well etc.  My little girl was blessed with being one of the flower girls along with my two beautiful nieces.  So, as you can imagine I have a HUGE pile of photographs waiting to be scrapped.

However, today I thought I would show you the Wishing Well as it’s raw version is a Molossi product If you have a wedding coming up or perhaps you make invitations for people as a little business and wish to hire out a well – this could be right up your alley!

The wishing well is laser cut from 12mm MDF and stands 80cm high.  The actual box part of the well is 40cm wide and 30cm high.  When you receive the well it comes in 8 flat packed pieces.  It is really easy to assemble and in fact I decorated mine in pieces and transported it flat from Qld to NSW for the wedding as I didn’t have a great deal of room in my car.  I simply put it together the night before the wedding by tapping the lugs into the correct holes.  To transport it home I simply pulled it apart and brought it home flat packed also J  You can glue it for extra strength but I found this really wasn’t necessary.  It is a very sturdy well and at no stage has it ever looked like it might separate.

Now I’m blessed with a husband who is a spray painter, so I took the raw pieces to him and had him spray them and clear coat them in 2pac car paint!  I knew that no amount of knocking around en-route to the wedding would damage them this way and I simply wrapped the pieces in cloth to avoid any scratches.  However, the edges are black due to the laser cutting and it takes more than a fine mist of paint to cover this.  Out came my trusty Adirondack acrylic paints ( I found a pearl colour which was an exact match to the white pearl paint hubby had used) and two coats with a paint brush on the edges and all was covered perfectly.  As the paint was pearlised and therefore had a sheen of it’s own and it was just the edges,  I haven’t bothered with any clear lacquer over the top.  However,  if you don’t have access to a painter friend and are doing the whole project in acrylic paint I would suggest you then cover in a clear gloss to give your well a shine and protect the paint.
I then ran a fine line of Helmar 450 glue (this stuff sticks ANYTHING) along the edges of the well and added some sticky bling runners also from Molossi.  These runners come in a huge range of colours and even pearl runners – check out this link to see all of them .  Now whilst these are self adhesive, I found that without a bit of added adhesive help the heat affected them and they peeled off.  A quick touch of glue beneath them and they are there for life.  

My final touches was simply a piece of ribbon in the bride’s colour scheme to complete the look. 


 Simply change the colour of the ribbon and perhaps place the bride’s bouquet on the table beside it back at the reception and you have a whole new look.

The lid with the slit in it lifts easily on and off the box allowing you to remove the cards left there by guests at the end of the evening.

If you do have an upcoming wedding, I urge you to pop over to the Molossi shop and check out the huge array of products that will help make that special day even more special.

I’m just waiting  on the official photographs to come back so I can share more of the wonderful Molossi MDF goodies with you – stay tuned.

Large Wishing Well 80cm HighSticky Bling Runner 5 Pack Rainbow450 Quick Dry Adhesive Bottle 125ml



  1. I hope you don't mind but I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for details when you get time. I find I get so much inspiration from your blog and feel others would too.


  2. What a great news and fantastic idea. Love the well look. Well done, Marta x

  3. This is so cute! My daughter is getting married in Sept. I will have to remember this!