Friday, 7 March 2014


Good Morning.... Rikki here, another Friday rolls by and today I thought I would share with you my creative space. 

I am a very lucky girl, I have always had a special space just for me, my last house was a corner in the center of the house which was great because I could see what the little rat bags where up to at any given time.

We then moved and I managed to score what would have been a formal lounge (seriously dont get that room at all), but its a perfect room, only down fall it has to stay somewhat clean because its the first room you see when you enter the house... I know #firstworldproblems...

As you can see its a large room allowing, and the tiles I am beyond grateful for.... 

So might say that I am a little addicted to washi... that might be true since this photo was taken I have added another 10 rolls to the collection making it a total of 365 rolls. In my defense I am on a washi tape design team and I have completely used 8 rolls of washi it total =  95 meters of washi....

I have completed 38 albums and still have plenty to go.... All my other supplies are hidden in the black boxes saves on the dusting and it keeps the room looking neat. 

My latest addition to the room is the picture frames..... I intend to create a whole wall with my layouts, I am one of those people that needs to see some of my work out to keep the mojo flowing. Plus the kids love to see there work out and it makes for some pretty cool art!!!

I love to be organised and these holders for my Tim Holtz inks are perfect, might be in trouble if he brings out more colours though.

My paper storage, custom made by hubby.... I love it thought it is starting to look a little messy of late, my be time for a de - stash? I keep my cardstock in colour order and my pattern papers in Brand order.  I used to keep all my scraps but storing those was becoming impossible so now I don't keep anything small, and bits I wont use or trash goes to my middle child as he loves to scrapbook.

So this is where the magic happens and sometimes doesn't. Stay tuned over the month to see the rest of the Design team rooms.



  1. Love seeing your space!!

  2. WOW!! Love it! You are so neat though? How does it stay that neat??

    1. Lol yep the desk does get messy when creating... but it has to stay neat because its the first thing you see when you enter the house and I cant work in mess. I try after each project to clear down a bit it helps.

  3. Wow! You have an amazing space here Rikki! I love how organized your supplies are. The homemade paper racks are fantastic! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Gorgeous space Rikki! Love that washi storage :)

    1. Jo, the washi storage is a great thing..... love looking at the shelves instant colour pop of the room. xxx

  5. OMG! What an incredible room! Love the custom made paper storage and I love your TH ink storage also. I love how open it is. That big window is a great asset also!! I have my own craft room with two big windows that I refuse to put curtains on because I want to light to come in. It really makes it so much easier to tell true colors when I am trying to match papers. I hate having shadows when trying to choose my colors because later on I usually find out that they are just a shade off.
    The tile floors are also a great element to your room! Easy to clean and I love the light color!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful craft area with me!

    1. The big window is an asset, the best thing for colour matching.... You room sounds great if you ever have pics to share... share a link here I am sure others would love to see too xxx