Saturday, 10 May 2014


Good Morning all, Rikki here for a late Friday post, the weather has been a bit wild here over in Western Australia, not that I am complaining..... its nice to have rain and a lot of rain for a change, mind you could do with less of the winds. So now that the weather has fined up to take pictures, I can share with you something that is a first for me, so please be gentle.....

I have done my first Project Life pages...... I have decided only to use this system for events like, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Sport Carnivals and Road Trips. I always take 100's of pictures of these events then only pick one or two to scrap, but it doesn't show the whole days events. 

So being brave I decided it was time to see what people are going on about. I am starting to understand its a lot of fun, but the one thing that they dont tell you about is all the planning involved. So if any of you seasoned Project lifers are out there, please I am begging you to share your tips and tricks.

Also this is the perfect opportunity to ask would you love to see more Project Life being shared here at Molossi?

With my Project Life I have been sewing up custom sleeves, I must admit is was a little unnerving but worth the results....

I love Kasiercraft Captured Moments 3"x 4" Cards - Snapshot cards are the perfect colours for my road trip photos.

Captured Moments 3"x 4" Cards - Snapshot

Captured Moments 6"x 4" Cards - Getaway

I will share with you some more Project Life with you at the end of the month, dont forget to let us at Molossi know if you would like to see more Project Life creations.




  1. Wow Rikki, that looks like a really fast way to use lots of similar photos, up at one time... Way to go hunni...

    Rhonda A

    1. Thanks Rhonda, it does take a bit of planning but the kids love looking at it and remembering everything rather than some small details of one layout