Sunday, 21 July 2013

I have a very special share from the lovely Eve tonight, with such a heartfelt piece, let me share the email I received with the design
"Today I have created a multimedia canvas (first time ever) super pleased with the results .
I have used 2 canvases and the Molossi chipboard tree to create a family tree of my kids to display in my home , but whats really special about this piece of art work for me is the buttons and trinkets and bits and bobs on it are all from a huge button tin that my mother had since she was a little girl so most of the buttons were from garments back in the fifties sixties and seventies . There are Military buttons with the royal emblems on them that were removed from 1930s navy uniforms I even found some bobby pins in amongst the collection and used them .
I have used lots of gausing and lace along with paint and inka gold to create this canvas ..."

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