Friday, 31 January 2014


While the boss is busy cutting new Chipboard, I thought I would run another competition!!!!  
Everyone loves to win Molossi stuff!!

OK here are the rules!

1.Please go to the Molossi online shop and answer these questions here at the blog -  then invite friends - make sure your friends tell us who invited them - list your answers here on the blog -
The person who invites the most amount of new people here and our fb page wins a fabulous package of goodies!!!!!

I will draw this competition next Friday - so you have lots of time to spread the word about our wonderful Molossi products - and stay tuned for some new products coming soon.

OK Question 1.
Tell me how you would embellish this product 
Question 2.
How many chipboard Chandeliers does Molossi produce?

Question 3.
How many flowers are in these packs G45 Sweet Sentiments?
Question 4.
If you were to design new chipboard for Molossi what would you design?

I am looking forward to meeting your friends when they come over to visit and seeing your answers to my questions.



  1. With the birdcage.. I would embellish it with small flowers and and leaves.. mistable sprays.. maybe add glitter accents and definitely some texture to that branch.. My friend Sandee.. who sent me.. loves that image!

    There is only one chandelier, although it comes in 3 sizes.. (S,M,L)

    In G45 Sweet Sentiments the flower package description reads over

    and Lastly... I would love to see a lazer cut hand image that makes a heart.. (sort of like an upside down steeple.. but the thumbs are more curvy to make the upper chambers the heart) or using the finger to make the upper chambers.. and the thumbs to form the lower chambers.. either way.. a human hand symbol for the heart.. lol

  2. Hi Tamiko - thanks for your answers and for visiting us!!
    GOod luck

  3. 1. This bridcage is calling for gold paint! Not sure why --- it is not something i would normally do but that is what I am leaning towards!

    2. One chandelier that I see in three thicknesses.

    3. Over 20 flowers and they are beautiful!!

    I love any and all types of swirls and flourishes!

  4. Hi Jean, oohhh sounds beautiful go the gold!
    Thanks for your kind words xxxx