Friday, 11 April 2014


Hi Marelle here!

I have been creating  lots of fun goodies from the Molossi online shop!

Here are the photos of my creation and a little bit about how I created it.  

First I painted the bare Dusty Attic cigar box with gesso, allowed that to dry and then coated with my favourite Derivan Black Paint (It covers so well and because I use it so much the lovely Suzanne from Molossi sent me a 2 litre bottle of it!!)
I applied two coats of the Derivan Black paint and let dry overnight.

Next I painted a Manorhouse white ornate frame with (yes you guessed it) Derivan Black paint, dried with my heat gun.  I cut an oval from old book paper and covered this with Mod Podge and allowed it to dry.   When it was dry, I attached the Black ornate frame over the top of the oval book paper plate and adhered the embellishment to the centre.  Next I adhered some Flourish with a bling copper coloured pearls down each side of the lid.
Then I attached a gorgeous Manorhouse Peacock Flower inside the lid with a hand written tag (as this is a present for an artsy poet friend of mine).

Next I cut a piece of book paper the same size as the bottom of the box and adhered to the bottom of the box, and embellished it with Manorhouse silver and black flower embellishments.
I then covered the base with Mod Podge to seal it.

There a couple of black marks that have shown through after i sealed it, but as i wanted it to appear old, I thought these marks added to the whole antique "look".

I wiped a small amount of Rub n Buff in gold on top of the box and around the outside randomly.
My friend adored the box and has it sitting on her piano !

Inside the lid I attached a Peacock Feather from Manorhouse
One bare Dusty attic cigar box Molossi
Derivan Black paint - Molossi
Manorhouse white frames  Molossi
Cream canvas tag used for handle (this was in my stash - think it may have been Prima)
Pritt Adhesive Molossi
Book paper from my stash
Mod Podge from my stash
Derivan Gesso Molossi
Rub n Buff Gold from my stash
Flourish with a bling copper bling  Molossi
Copper/gold heavy embellishment from my stash
Small gift tag from my stash


  1. An absolutely awesome tutorial Marelle, it was very descriptive... Thanks...